Strange but true interesting and fun facts!
1. Hugh and Jo-Ann Robertson of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, recycle so much that they had only two bags of actual garbage over a four-year period.

2. The Yasser Arafat International Airport in Gaza remains open and keeps its employees on the payroll even though a flight hasn't landed there since 2001.

3. Churches in Malta have two clocks showing different times. This is to confuse the devil about the time of the next service.

4. The internatinoal golf tournament in Castle Rock, Colorado, has been delayed by weather every year for the past 20 years.

5. The remote old army outpost of Whittier, Alaska, is constantly battered by biting winds of up to 70 mph. Between avalanches and frequent subzero temperatures, the 180 residents leave home so infrequently that some barely ever put on shoes.

6. Nearly 12 million listeners tune in to Argentina's "Crazy Radio" each day. The show is broadcast from Jose Borda mental hospital in Buenos Aires and features interviews with patients.

7. In 1983, Moirangthem Okendra Kumbi began turning a Duranta hedge plant into a giant topiary. The plant which he calls "Sweetheart", now stands a huge 61 feet tall in Manipur, India. He spends 5 hours a day clipping, feeding, and watering his creation.

8. Stone wheels, some as large as 12 feet in diameter, are still used as currency on the South Pacific island of Yap.

9. In 1991, a sand sculpture an astonishing 16.4 miles long was built by more than 10,000 volunteers at Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

10. Volunteer firefighter and boy scout Kevin Stephan, 17, rushed to perform the Heimlich maneuver when he saw Penny Brown chocking on her lunch in a restaurant in Buffalo, New York. Afterwards he learned that she was the nurse who had gotten his heart beating again following a baseball accident seven years earlier.

11. Jason McElwain didn't begin talking until he was 5 and was diagnosed with Autism. In high school he was too small to make his basketball team in Rochester, New York., but because of his passion for the game he was appointed manager. Impressed by his dedication, coach Jim Johnson decided to put the 18 year old on court for the last few minutes of the final home game of the season and McElwain responded by scoring 20 points in four minutes with the crowd going wild.

12. When long-lost New York sisters Peggy Lill and Gladys Nohlquist found each other after 79 years in 2006, they discovered that they had led remarkably similar lives. Since being separated at an orphanage in 1927, both were raised on farms, both went back to school in middle age and became nurses, both were married twice, and both had 5 children - four girls and a boy!

13. Viviane Theby of Wittlich, Germany, has set up a talent academy with a difference --- all her pupils are pets! Theby has already taught a dog to dance, a chicken to play the xylophone, and a cat to play the piano! The cat, Fuchs, has been so successful that he has sold CDs and given concerts.

14. Although it has a population of only 5.5 million Papua New Guinea has over 700 spoken languages, most of which are entirely unrelated.

15. Carl Celella of North Greenbush, New York, can easily find any of the 70,000 items in the plumbing department he manages for Home Depot ---- despite being blind.

16. The carousel ride sign at Hersheypark was spelled wrong by the original sign painter and nobody has changed that spelling to this day!

17. George Ferris, Ferris wheel ride originally had 36 cars, each the size of a small streetcar which held up to 60 riders. It took 20 minutes to make a complete revolution.

18. In 1975, Neville Ebin of Bermuda was killed when the moped he was riding was hit by a taxi. One year later, while riding the same moped, the man's brother was struck by the same taxi, driven by the same driver ---- who was carrying the very same passenger.

19. Turkish actor Sonmez Yikilmaz was sleeping in a tent when a black snake slipped into his open mouth. X-rays showed that the snake was still alive but Sonmez refused an operation to remove it. He opted for an ancient cure ---- hanging upside down from a tree while a pot of steaming milk was placed below him. The smell of the milk lured the snake back out through his mouth!

20. Asuncion Gutirrez, aged 100, startled her mourning family in Managua, Nicaragua, when she sat up in her coffin at her wake and asked for food. The family would have been even more shocked if it hadn't been the third time she had woken from the dead!

21. In February 1924, six months after Frank and Elizabeth Brazier lost their pet collie Bobbie in Wolcott, Indiana, the dog turned up back at the family home in Silverton, Oregon, having made an incredible 3,000 mile journey.

22. The giant rocking stone of Mount Cimino, Italy, is 28 feet long and weighs 385 tons, yet it rocks to and fro on its base without falling off!

23. The amount of fresh water pouring from the mouth of the Amazon River into the Atlantic Ocean in one day would be enough to satisfy the entire water needs of the U.S.A. for five months.

24. After birth, the body increases in weight about 20 times from new baby to full grown adult. Before birth, from fertilized egg to full-term fetus, the body increases in weight six billion times!

25.In 1875, the director of the U.S. Patent Office suggested that the department be closed down because, in his opinion, there was nothing left to invent. How wrong he was!

26. If we moved our legs at the same rate as an ant, our movement speed would be 800 mph!

27. Nearly 1,000 insect species are discovered every year.

28. A Roman coin, thought to have been minted around AD 315, was displayed in a museum in Tyneside, England, for several days in 1975, until a nine-year-old girl pointed out that it was in fact a token given away with a soft drink. The "R" on the coin, which the curators thought stood for "Rome," instead represented "Robinsons," a soft-drink manufacturer!

29. American sculptor Tom Friedman pinned a Styrofoam cup with coffee stains to a piece of wood, added a ladybug, and called it "Untitled." In 2001, it sold at auction for $30,000!

30. Congo a chimpanzee at the London Zoo in the 1950's, was such a talented artist that the great Pablo Picasso bought one of his paintings!

31. Every second, the Sun gives out enough energy to supply all the U.S.A.'s energy needs for 50 million years! The Sun burns so brilliantly that it lights the Earth with daylight, even though it is more than 93 million miles away.

32. Seth Kinast, of Hutchinson, Kansas, at the age of three, could recite the alphabet in Greek, count in German and Spanish, and had read almost twelve hundred books!

33. Argentine contortionist Hugo Zamaratte can fold his five-foot-nine-inch frame into a container twenty-six inches high and eighteen inches wide!

34. Willi Melnikov, a professor who lived in Moscow, Russia, could speak ninety-three different languages!

35. Chelsea Tafoya, age 3, survived without injuries after clinging to the windshield wipers on the back of her father's car for almost 12 miles at speeds of 83 mph! A passing motorist finally notified her father.

36. If all the blood vessels in a human body were placed end to end, they would stretch twelve thousand miles!

37. Every minute three hundred million body cells die and are replaced by new cells.

38. If the DNA elements comprising a single human cell were written in twelve-point type, the letter string would stretch over ten thousand miles.

39. Diane Klos, a cashier in an Irvington, New Jersey store, was given her own stolen credit card for a purchase by a customer who claimed to be her!

40. In Ghana, West Africa, people often have to wait up to thirty years for a telephone to be installed in their home!

41. There's a phone booth located in the Mojave Desert 14.26 miles from the nearest paved road! Rick Karr of Texas spent 32 days camping out at the booth answering calls from around the world!

42. Pierre Defournel, of Barjac, Vivarais, was the father of three children, each born in a different century! The first boy was born in 1699, the second was born in 1738, and the third was born in 1801. Each son was born to a different wife. Defornel married his third wife when he was one hundred twenty and she was nineteen. He died in 1809 at the robust old age of one hundred twenty-nine.

43. The Grand Canyon could hold the entire population of the world!

44. Niagara Falls has a water flow of three hundred seventy-nine thousand tons per minute yet it would require two million years for all the waters of the earth to flow over Niagara.

45. People in the United States spend $10 million a day on potato chips!

46. A clock built by August Lehrke in 1928, in the clock museum at Goslar, Germany, measuring seven feet high and three feet wide, is constructed entirely of straw ---- including even its tiniest gears and second hand --- yet it is still keeping perfect time.

47. In Yoro, Honduras each July freak tropical storms shower fish as long as 6 inches over the entire countryside.

48. A letter sent to the German town of Ostheim-vor-der-Rhoen in 1718 arrived in 2004, surviving 286 years in the postal system.

49. The wandering albatross can glide for six days without beating it's wings and can even sleep in mid-air.

50. The rare Puya raimondii plant of Bolivia can take up to 150 years to bloom and as soon as it does it dies.

51. Snake heads can still be dangerous up to an hour after being separated from the body, meaning they can still bite and release venom.

52. Some snakes can survive without food for up to two years by digesting their own hearts. Snake hearts quickly rebuild themselves after a nutritious meal.

53. A blue whale's aorta, the main artery that supplies blood to the body, is so wide that a fully grown human could swim through it.

54. Diagnosed with mental illness at birth, Kim Peek from Salt Lake City, Utah, reads up to eight books a day. He reads at a phenomenal rate, scanning the left page with his left eye and the right page with his right eye, and retaining around 98 per cent of the information. He can read in ten seconds a page that would take most adults three minutes.

55. Tony DeBlois from Randolph, Massachusetts was born blind but began to play the piano at the age of two. He now plays 30 musical instruments and can play more than 8,000 songs from memory.